Intensive outpatient(IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Who We Treat

Adults ages 18-65

What We Treat

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Bipolar and other mood disorders
  • OCD
  • Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Suicidal behavior
  • Self-Injurious behavior/self-harm

PHP/IOP services

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Group therapy
  • Individual Psychotherapy

IOP/PHP groups and topics

  • Coping skills to manage stress and anxiety
  • Mindfulness and DBT skills
  • CBT to learn about managing thoughts and changing behaviors
  • Relapse prevention for both mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Trauma – education and ways to cope
  • Med education, nutrition, and sleep hygiene
  • Family education groups

Program Overview

What is siyan IOP/PHP Program

If you or a loved one are seeking support on the path to recovery, we are here to help. There are times when individuals are faced with crises or an increase in psychiatric symptoms and hospitalization is not necessary or no longer required, but outpatient services such as weekly or biweekly therapy appointments are not sufficient to meet the individual’s needs. In these situations, Siyan Clinical Corporation offers both PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) levels of care. PHP is appropriate for an individual who is discharging from an inpatient hospitalization for stabilization and safety, or for someone experiencing an significant increase in psychiatric symptoms but that does not meet criteria to be in the hospital. PHP offers the structure and support of therapy groups 5 days of the week, with weekly psychiatry appointments for medication management. IOP is appropriate as a step-down from PHP, or as a step up when other therapy and psychiatric support services are not sufficient in managing symptoms or providing needed structure and support. IOP meets 3 days per week for 3 hours per day of group therapy, with 1:1 counseling sessions and monthly psychiatry appointments for medication management.

Treatment Approach

Our services are based on an individualized treatment plan which places each patient’s goals at the center of their care. Our multidisciplinary team works together to ensure each patient’s needs, concerns and goals are addressed in a supportive, caring and comfortable environment. The program utilizes evidence-based modalities such as DBT and CBT and provides patient-center trauma-informed care. Healthy lifestyle choices are encouraged for all patients involved in the programs. The Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program team provide personalized treatment Siyan Care Campus. Our location is specifically designed for patient comfort, treatment and convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are timings of IOP, PHP at Siyan Care?


  • PHP schedule:  Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00pm
  • IOP schedule:  Mon/Wed/Friday from 9:00-12:30pm

What is included in a PHP treatment day/week?


  1. Typically 5 hours of group therapy plus lunch and breaks
  2. Weekly meeting with psychiatrist
  3. Weekly 1:1 therapy with primary therapist in PHP program

What is included in an IOP treatment day/week?


  1. Typically 3 hours of group therapy, 3 days per week
  2. Monthly meeting with psychiatrist
  3. Weekly 1:1 therapy with primary therapist

How will you ensure my privacy?

Please read our Full Privacy Policy Here.

Our Team

Team of experienced psychotherapist and Clinicians

Dr. Anish Shah

Dr. Shah founded Siyan Clinical Corporation in 2012 in Santa Rosa with an extensive background in Psychiatry. He is a graduate of the University of Il [...]

Dr. Michelle Knosp

Greetings! My name is Dr. Michelle Knosp. Born and raised in Southern California, I have returned to Northern California after completing my residency [...]

Dr. Rani Bhadare

Dr. Bhadare is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with experience in community mental health providing individual and group psychotherapy and conducting [...]


Thomas H O’Donnell is a Substance Use Counselor in the Project Hope Program-Medicated Assisted Treatment here at Siyan. Thomas is a certified CCAPP [...]

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